Advertising in a Challenging Market

Tips and Advice from our Platinum Partners, New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME)

Outperforming your competition to survive and thrive in a challenging market comes down to just three things:

  1. Cut costs where possible, without cutting too deep
  2. Research and get closer to the needs of your customers
  3. Advertise – the right way.

Quick facts:

  • Strong brands recover 9x faster than others
  • Brands who advertise in a challenging market project stability
  • When consumers are open to new habits and new ways of thinking, you can reposition your brand, or even open new markets by introducing a new product or service

In a new market, consumers want brands to help them through the situation:

  • 77% want you to talk about how your brand is helpful in the new everyday
  • 75% want you to keep them informed about your reaction to the new situation
  • 70% want you to offer reassurance

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