This course provides you with the tools, techniques and an understanding that will empower you with the ability to deal with difficult people in an appropriate manner.

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To be successful in dealing with personal conflicts in the workplace you must learn to first understand human behaviour, reflect on its causes and know how certain behaviours impact others. Knowing how to approach difficult people with an understanding of these drivers will help you to overcome negativity by utilising positivity. Whether its dealing with difficult customers, staff or management, anyone will benefit from the skills taught in this course.


Course Content:



Lesson 1: Getting Started


Pre-Assignment Review

Workshop Objectives


Lesson 2: Conflict as Communication

Defining Conflict



Lesson 3: Benefits of Confrontation

To Talk or Not to Talk

Determining Your Involvement

Reciprocal Relationships


Lesson 4: Preventing Problems

The Importance of Empathy

Dangerous Misconceptions


Lesson 5: Getting Focussed

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

The Three F's


Lesson 6: Managing Anger

Coping Strategies

Guidelines for Assertive Anger


Lesson 7: Dealing with Problems

Dealing with Problems

Causes of Difficult Behaviour


Lesson 8: The Three-Step Conflict Resolution Model

The Three-Step Model

Getting the Hang of Things


Lesson 9: Practice Makes Pretty Good

Making Connections


Lesson 10: Changing Yourself

Negative vs. Positive Interactions

Dealing with Negative Feelings

Lesson 11:  Why Don't People Do What They Are Supposed To?

The big Questions


Lesson 12:  Stress Options to Use When Things Get Ugly

Belly Breathing



Acupressure and Massage


General Coping Thoughts When things get Messy

Additional information

After completing this course, participants will have learned to:


See conflict as communication

Benefit from a confrontation

Prevent problems

Get focused

Deal with theirs and others' anger

Deal with problems

Understand and use the three step conflict resolution model

Change yourself depending on the situation

Understand people's behaviours and motives

De-stress when things get ugly.

Identify causes of difficult behaviour

Counter negativity with positivity

Discuss problems in groups

Use assertive anger

Plan and practice to handle difficult situations successfully

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