Improve your meeting outcomes with effective minute-taking.

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Improve your meeting outcomes with effective minute-taking.

Effective minute-taking will enable your business units to solve many problems and complaints associated with running
meetings. In the hands of a competent minute-taker, the following skills will enable managers and staff to effectively action
efficiently recorded meeting items.

You will also learn advanced styles of minute taking such as colour-coding and suitable methods for minute-taking in
informal, formal and action meeting settings.


Learning Outcomes:

 Define facilitation & identify its purpose
 Understand the benefits of good facilitation
 Master the role & focus of a facilitator
 Differentiate between process & content of a group discussion
 Learn effective tools for preparing for an effective facilitation session
 Master techniques for effective facilitation from Tuckman & Jensen's stages of group development (forming,
storming, norming & performing)
 Learn how to help a group reach a consensus and a final solution, by encouraging participation
 Practice techniques for dealing with disruptions, dysfunctions & difficult people in a group setting
 Define what interventions are, when they are appropriate and learn how to implement them


Who will benefit from taking this workshop?

Administrative staff and assistants
Recording Secretary
Administrative Assistant


Course Content:

Lesson 1: The Role of a Minute Taker
Discuss The Role of a Minute Taker
Explore common problems and solutions in small groups

Lesson 2: The Skills of a Minute Taker
An ability to listen
Critical thinking skills
Good organisation techniques

Lesson 3: Meeting Agreements
Discuss meeting agreements
Three templates to take away and customise

Lesson 4: Minutes Styles
Formal meeting style
Informal meeting style
Action meeting style

Lesson 5: What Do I Record?
Participants will learn what to record during a meeting

Lesson 6: Techniques for Preparing Minutes
Tools for creating minutes
Organisation methods
Techniques for writing drafts
Proofreading tips

Lesson 7: Taking Minutes in an Interactive Meeting
Learn how their role as a minute-taker will be different in
an interactive meeting

Lesson 8: The Minute Book
Participants will learn how to build and maintain a minute

Event Information

When: Monday 25th May 2020
Where: Online
Time: 9am-4pm
Fee: $395+GST

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