In this course, students will use Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets and workbooks that you can use to store, manipulate, and share your data. This course is intended for students who wish to gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft Excel. Prerequisites You should be comfortable with the Windows environment.

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At Course Completion


After completing this course, students will be able to:


  • Recognise spreadsheet terminology; start Microsoft Excel and identify the components of the Excel interface; create a blank workbook; navigate worksheets; and open a downloaded template.
  • Enter and edit text and values; use AutoFill; enter formulas and examine the order of operations; save and update a

workbook; and save a workbook in different file formats.

  • Move and copy data; use the Office Clipboard; move and copy formulas; use AutoFill to copy formulas; use Paste Link; view formulas; work with relative and absolute references; and insert and delete ranges, rows, and columns.
  • Use the SUM function, AutoSum, and the AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT, and COUNTA functions to perform calculations in a worksheet.







Getting started 

  • Spreadsheet terminology 
  • The Excel environment 
  • Navigating a worksheet 
  • Using a template



Entering and editing data 

  • Entering and editing text and values 
  • Entering and editing formulas 
  • Saving and updating workbooks 



Modifying a worksheet 

  • Moving and copying data 
  • Moving, copying, and viewing formulas 
  • Absolute and relative references 
  • Inserting and deleting ranges, rows, and columns 




  • Entering functions 
  • AutoSum 
  • Other common functions  

Event Information

When: Tuesday 7th July 2020
Where: Online
Time: 9am - 12pm
Fee: $300+GST


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