It’s RESILIENCE Jim but not as you know it!

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    It’s RESILIENCE Jim but not as you know it!

Question: What enables some people to thrive in the face of adversity, such as COVID19, while others experience degraded performance, low productivity, stress, anxiety, depression?

Answer: Personal Resilience

We're all operating in environments of high pressure, constant change, frequent setbacks, and unprecedented complexity. On top of that, the pandemic has profoundly changed every part of our lives and created uncertainty about the future. As a result. our resilience has been, and continues to be, tested like never before. Many people have found their resilience lacking or drained. Perhaps you’re one of them?

Fortunately, our resilience level is not fixed. Research confirms that resilience is a dynamic state, rather than a fixed attribute of someone's personality. That means we can choose to proactively increase it by developing skills and acquiring resources. With the right level of resilience, you can face the future with confidence. The confidence that whatever life throws at you you’ll be able to survive, cope, recover and spring forward having grown from the adversity.

Additional information

Who should attend?

The owners of small to medium sized businesses and their key staff.

People who want to improve their capacity to handle life’s inevitable surprises and setbacks.

Benefits of attending

As a result of attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • build the resilience, adaptability, and inner strength necessary to navigate yourself and your business through these challenging, volatile, and uncertain times.
  • perform better at work and life in general and achieve greater success.
  • experience less stress and anxiety.


Event Information

What makes this course different?

This workshop presents a model of resilience and a suite of techniques not found on most standard resilience trainings. If you’re new to ‘resilience building’ then the knowledge and techniques, you gain from this workshop will enable you to immediately start enhancing your resilience. If you have participated in resilience training before, and already have some tools and techniques, then the techniques in this workshop will empower your resilience toolkit.


1. The Resilience Model – the building blocks of resilience

2. The STRESS Model – how our mind and body create our stress and anxiety.

3. The Emotional Needs model – the key to maintaining our emotional and mental wellbeing

4. Finding your life purpose – purpose is a crucial component of resilience.

5. Adopting a resilient mindset

6. Thinking resiliently

7. Regulating unhelpful emotions

Presented By


Tony Yuile is a Resilience Life Coach specialising in helping people build their personal resilience and free themselves from unnecessary stress and anxiety. Following a career in financial accounting and risk management, spanning almost three decades, it was Tony’s own distressing experience with stress and anxiety that was the catalyst for him becoming a coach. Today he works with people across NZ and internationally. He is the author of Seven Ways to Reduce Anxiety in Seven Minutes or Less. He recently presented at the RISKNZ 2021 conference, on the topic of Personal Resilience. In his spare time Tony enjoys playing his ukulele, writing fiction, and performing improvised theatre


Resilience Coaching with Tony

Book a one hour personalised resilience coaching session with Tony Yuile post workshop for $175 plus GST. To schedule your session email



WHEN: Wednesday 30th June  9.00 am to 12:30

VENUE: Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Layer3 Training Room 

COST:  HVCC Members  $350.00 (inc GST)       Non HVCC members: $370.00 (inc GST)

Course Fee: payable in advance to secure booking. 

Cancellation Policy

TonyYuileCoaching understands that cancellations or schedule changes are sometimes inevitable. If you advise us:

  • 10 or more business days prior to workshop commencement: no registration fee will be charged.
  • 5-9 business days prior to workshop commencement: 50% of the registration fee will be charged. You will still receive the workshop documentation.
  • Less than 5 business days: registration fee payable in full. You will still receive the workshop documentation.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the workshop in case of insufficient participant numbers, or for other reasons beyond our control. In the event of a workshop cancellation, we will inform all participants by email prior to the start of the workshop. In the event of cancellation, we will provide a full refund but will not accept responsibility for travel and accommodation costs incurred by participants.