Understanding Intellectual Property – IP 101

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Understanding Intellectual Property – IP 101

Some form of Intellectual Property (IP) exists in every business. But do you know how to recognise it, protect it and enforce it?

Zoe Dewhurst, from AJ Park, will put on a free seminar to help businesses understand the different types of intellectual property and how it fits within your business plan and strategy.


Intellectual Property (IP) concerns commercially valuable ideas, secrets, concepts and reputations. Obtaining the right IP can provide a market edge by protecting the time, money and effort you put into your business. They can also help to differentiate your business from your competitors, increase your profits, and make your business more attractive to investors or potential buyers. IP is also an asset that can be brought, sold, and licensed in its own right and so can provide alternative revenue streams for your business.


This seminar will give an overview of the following different types of Intellectual Property (IP) including what they do, and how the rights are obtained:

  • Trade marks
  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Designs
  • Plant Variety Rights
  • Domain Names
  • Geographical Indications
  • Trade Secrets


Zoe is a trade mark specialist with expertise and experience in the trade mark law of New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe.

 As a trade mark specialist, Zoe devises protection strategies to suit her clients’ present and future needs, and meet their budgets and expectations.

Her role involves managing client trade mark portfolios, filing and prosecuting local and international trade mark applications, and conducting trade mark availability and clearance searches.

She also advises on trade mark assignments, licenses and infringement matters, and trade mark oppositions.

WHEN: Monday 28th June 

WHERE: Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Layer3 Training Room 

COST: Free