How To Mentally Cope With Stressful Situations - Free Online Training on Resilience

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Chamber member Savvy Up has partnered up with “Heartfulness”, a worldwide non-profit to run a “Heartful Resilience” session to help you:

❖ Learn how we can mentally cope with stressful situations,
❖ Experience relaxation at the end of the session

The session will offer up a range of practices to help improve our ability to mentally cope with stressful situations, including relaxation practice at the end of the session.

The presentation will cover

  • What is resilience,
  • The science behind resilience
    • how our emotions contribute to the crisis,
    • how we create our own reality and how we can change it
  • A unique approach to resilience by reducing the crises in the first place rather than managing them once they hit us
  • Experience Heartfulness Relaxation.

Additional information

Following on from the presentation, attendees are more than welcome to attend weekly sessions which are run by the Heartfulness organisation on Wednesdays at 12 pm, to put the resilience techniques into practice. These sessions will focus on relaxation and detox techniques for Stress, Anger and Fear. These will be in addition to Meditation sessions that Heartfulness conduct on Tuesdays.

Heartfulness sessions are offered free of charge to all those interested over the age of 15. 

Event Information

WHEN: Monday 9th May 2022

TIME: 12.00pm - 01.00pm 

WHERE: Online Via Zoom - Link will be sent to you after registration 


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