Discover the 3 critical strategic master moves that could change how you play the game of business

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The Master Moves Breakfast - :  Discover the 3 critical strategic master moves that could change how you play the game of business

Play the Full Game

The All Blacks have a strategy they call “Play the Full Game.” Which means in a game of rugby, or any team sport, the game can be won or lost in the second half. So even if you come into locker room at half time in the lead, you still need to play the second half harder, faster and smarter than the first half to truly conquer the match. And often the deciding factor comes down to the last 10 minutes of the game, so the determination to win goes right to the line. 

For a business owner, the same principle applies. The most value a business will ever achieve is made in the latter half of its existence, when it is more established, a team is in place and the reputation secured. The first half of a business lifecycle can feel like a battle to make ground. Cashflow pressure, lack of resource, trying to build reputation, taking on the bigger players … it’s hard going … but you have all your energy, passion and commitment on your side. The second half should be easier, but often the business owners are tired, new challenges appear, such as managing a growing team, moving into new territories, increased sales and revenues but decreasing profit margins. The opportunities are there, but you to need to take stock, reassess, consider the game plan and ensure you make the right moves to drive maximum value into the business. 

 But how do you know the right moves to make?

There are three main types of moves a business owner needs to consider in the second half.  The moves you choose can make a significant impact on how well you and your business fare in the more mature stages.

Come and learn what these moves are and which ones might be right for you at the Master Moves Breakfast with key speaker Laura Humphreys. 

Laura is a business advisor and author who has built and successfully exited from multi-million dollar businesses and has experienced first-hand how value can be created, especially in the second half of a business life cycle.

She currently runs an 8 week Master Moves programme for owners of an established business who are ready for some fresh thinking and challenge.

The Master Moves breakfast will give you a 40 minute accelerated insight into the strategic moves business owners can make to ensure success and the fresh thinking you need to apply to succeed in challenging times.

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Here’s what people have to say about Laura and Master Minds

“Laura has been a mentor for my company for five years. In that time we’ve grown exponentially, become the world’s #1 company in our niche, and tripled in revenue. Laura has directly impacted in that success”.

“With Master Moves I’ve made some final important decisions I’d been procrastinating about for a while. I have a much clearer plan for the next 5 years. I have learned about the 3 Horizons of Business and that while I’ve got Horizons 1 and 2 mostly sorted, there is plenty of work yet to be done on Horizon 3”

“Three things I’ve learned with Master Moves:

The CEO is not alone. There are further opportunities afoot for your business, way more than you could see going into the programme”.

Start your day with an injection of energy and smarts at the Master Moves breakfast.

For more information about Laura and the Master Moves programme visit Master Moves  or email with any questions.

Event Information

WHEN Wednesday 21st September 07.30am - 09.00am 

WHERE Hutt Valley Chamber Of Commerce, 15 Daly street, Lower Hutt.

COST This event if free of charge thanks to Event Sponsors, Plus More Accounting

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