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Hot Lime Labs  - Tijs Robinson

Hot Lime Labs is a Lower Hutt start-up developing technology for large commercial greenhouses to increase crop yields. Modern commercial greenhouse operations can produce up to 20 times the yields of open fields while using only a fraction of the resources typically needed. Commercial greenhouses produce $35b of crops per annum and are growing rapidly.  CO2 enrichment enables 10-30% greater crop yields but the demand for CO2 far exceeds the current fossil-fuel based supply. Hot Lime Labs technology will allow the production of clean CO2 from renewable biomass source, on site, to meet this global need. Hot Lime Labs is currently developing a pilot plant that will be installed at a large New Zealand capsicum grower this summer.


Limber – Bart de Vries


Bart is the founder and lead physiotherapist at Limber, a small workstation design and manufacturing company here in Wellington on a mission to make healthy, high performance behaviours the default at work. 


Designed through a collaboration of health professionals and technologists, the Limber Studio is a beautiful, fast moving and flexible sit-stand-kneel workstation that creates a space efficient office geared for collaboration. Made sustainable right here in the Hutt.



Rutherford & Meyer – Jan Meyer


Rutherford & Meyer is a thriving team of foodies with a passion for remarkable products and distinctively complimentary flavour combinations. Our group of gastronomes are obsessed with food and have channeled their charcuterie wishes and camembert dreams to a broader product range that amplifies the taste experience and turns a plain Jane cheese board into the talk of the town. Our all-natural fruit pastes, fruit spreads, rice wafers, gourmet wafers, and fruit flavoured honeys are made from only the freshest ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives, just as it should be. We make mouthwatering bites for people just like you.


Event Information

When:  Thursday, 22nd November, 2018, 5.30pm-7.15pm
Where:  BNZ Partners, BIZ Centre, Level 2, Queensgate Tower, 45 Knights Road, Lower Hutt
Fee:  Members $0 Free  Non-Members $25 +GST