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Dignity First
Helping families.

Organising support for your elderly loved ones and being there for them, can be challenging. I know, I’ve been there. Let us do the organising for you and be there when you can’t be.

Your loved one may have a sudden illness or accident or they may just be struggling to maintain their independence and need some help.

That’s why I began Dignity First. With my knowledge of local care and helpful services, I do the organising for you leaving you free to spend time with your loved ones.

Additionally, families often live away or are just busy and you can’t be there as much as you would like to be. I step for you, giving you peace of mind that your loved one is not alone and is supported.

There are 3 main areas families need help:

• Where do I start?

It can be difficult to know where to start. We look at how your loved one likes to live their life and work with you to establish what care and assistance they need to live that life. We then provide you with information on what options there are to provide that help.

• Finding a care home:

The decision to move into care is an emotional time not only for the person but for their families as well. Adding to that stress is how time consuming attempting to navigate the system, finding a care home and organising matters can be.

Once you have decided to move into care, there is a lot that needs to organised and at Dignity First we provide practical help with the move into care, such as a Arrange appointments with the care home and drive your loved ones to visit them and liaise with the necessary services.

• Being there when you can’t be:

We have busy lives and often families live away in different locations so Dignity First is there when you can’t be. I arrange domestic matters, be there post hospital discharge, a support person at meetings and check in to see your loved ones are ok.

My goal is to do what is needed so that families can be with their elderly loved ones rather than spending their precious time organising their needs and know that they have all the necessary information to make the best decisions for your loved ones care.

I consider it a privilege to be there for you when you can’t be so that you have peace of mind that they are ok.
Phone Number: 0800 4 344 6489
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