At enable.me we are focused on driving financial success for owners of SMEs.

Too many small businesses aren’t providing the results their owners want and need – and hardworking business owners deserve better.

enable.me’s business programmes are designed to help realise owners’ goals by ensuring they spend their precious time, energy and capital where it will yield maximum impact.

To us, business success includes ensuring a business is profitable, that profits are stable or growing, and that the value of the business is increasing. This also involves ensuring owners are not overworked, unsustainably stressed and they are paid for their time and effort.

Achieving that doesn’t happen in a vacuum. This is why enable.me’s business is designed to look at the owners’ entire financial situation, including ensuring business owners are earning enough to live a life they enjoy, their mortgage is on track to be repaid quickly and they have a plan to be able to retire on their terms.

Our programmes include:

This is a 12-month tailored programme customised to suit your goals for your business. This could include increasing profit, building value, planning for sale or reducing the hours the business owner needs to spend in the business (without compromising returns).

A resilience programme designed to help business owners optimise their personal finances, stabilise their cashflow and get into a position to grow.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you create a better financial strategy, better progress, a better bottom line – and get a better night’s sleep!
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