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EV Classic
In a world where cars have become bland and utilitarian, there are many of us who continue to enjoy the charm and character of classic car ownership.
However, the realities of driving an old classic car can be quite different. Let's face it: they can be noisy, smelly, unreliable and a bit slow for modern traffic. We have a responsibility to our environment that makes the continued use of fossil fuels unsustainable.
As passionate owners of classic cars over many years, we wanted to find a way to make our cars more relevant for a different age without sacrificing any of their charm. It was important to us that we were preserving these moments of history without damaging them. Could we even make them a realistic daily driver?

We decided on the concept of converting these old gems into electric vehicles. These entirely reversible conversions are professionally done using proven components. While each conversion is bespoke the concept is very similar. It is important to us that there is very little evidence of the conversion in the interior or exterior, and that the conversion is only evident when you turn the key. They are simple to use and have a decent range of typically at least 100 km. Plug it in over night, turn the key and off you go. You will soon find that the car you used once in a while in a weekend is actually now an easy to use daily driver.

Why not give it a go.
Phone Number
0275 325 633
4/14 Petone Avenue, Petone, Lower Hutt 5012

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