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New sales leads are the life blood of all companies. You might be fully booked at the moment, or you have loyal customers, but at some stage, that will change.

Customers can stop trading with you for various reasons like selling their business, hiring a new manager, or a down-turn in the business.

If you are currently busy, what happens when that stops or slows down?

Every business always needs more sales opportunities.

Most marketing methods are expensive because they are promoted at a time when prospects are not actually looking, like adverts, promotions, mailers. The best way to find prospects is to be visible when people are looking.

And where do 95% of people look?


There are lots of ways to be seen in Google, Maps, Adwords, search engine listings, images, videos, and more. Which do you choose?

At GIG Internet Marketing, we are marketers first, digital marketers second. That’s because marketing is all about your market and your message rather than the platform you use. Most digital marketers try to get you to use the latest, greatest technology, but at GIG we look where your prospects are, then use the best medium to attract them to you.

This might be making you a simple lead-generation website, making your content turn visitors into prospects rather than the usual brochure style, getting your website to the top of Google, making simple online videos. These online videos are simple, easy to make, and designed to get your specific message across, quickly, at low-cost, not expensive “lights, camera, action” glitzy affairs that other companies offer.

If you want your company to have a steady stream of prospects to secure your business future, contact us today for a free, no-obligation chat about how to achieve your growth ambitions.
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