MathildaRock Consulting
Business financial analysis that will rock you!

Think of MathildaRock as your independent, troubleshooting, management accountant.

• I can delve into your business numbers to understand and uncover secrets to improve your business’s financial performance.
• I can help to create pictures of what your accounts are really telling you about your business.
• I can help you to make more informed decisions for your future success.
• I focus on processes, efficiency and effectiveness, looking to see where you might be leaking money and how decisions are impacting your business.
• I can explain what you need to know, in a language you can understand, and from a business perspective.
• I help put your finance processes in balance.
• I can set up suitable and relevant reporting from your accounting software for you.
• If your systems or accounting software have gaps in them that will allow fraudulent behaviour, I can identify them and guide on how to close the gaps to protect your business.
• I can train you and your team to know what to look out for, so you can actively monitor and plan your business's future.
• Your financial accounts will tell you WHAT happened. I can help you see WHY it happened and HOW it happened.

MathildaRock brings decades of training, knowledge and experience to SMEs to help you feel more confident with your business accounting, understand your business's financial performance and make informed decisions for its future.

One-off projects, remote work, virtual work or just troubleshooting help, send me a message today!

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