MEAN Productions Ltd
The question we are asked most is ‘Why the name MEAN Productions?’ Well our company is a female led company made up by two sisters; Angharad and Megan. When you combine the names together

MEgan and ANgharad - we naturally get the name - MEAN.

MEAN Productions Ltd is a female-led multimedia production company based in Wellington, New Zealand. We believe in connecting people through different media platforms. We produce high quality digital content in unique environments.

We believe in a creative, exciting, friendly workplace; respecting diversity, culture and creating a hardworking company.

Every year we focus on constantly continuing to grow as a company by maintaining current relationships we have built and pursuing new connections. We want to produce more content through partnerships as well as creating our fun independent projects.

MEAN Productions are always looking forward and offering our services to a wide range of customers.
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64 27 350 2902
Upper Hutt
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