Employment Implications During Covid-19

Update on Employment Relations

This livestream includes issues around abandonment of the job and reorganising your workforce with reduced capacity due to the impacts of Covid-19

In this livestream reply, our Silver Partner, Tony McKone from McKone Consultancy gives an update on the latest employment matters.

Tony discusses what constitutes “abandonment of the job”, how to re-organise your workforce when there is limited work, so everyone gets something, and how to use the wage subsidy to help balance business costs for what work you can (or can’t) provide.

This livestream includes some professional advice on how to manage re-engaging your staff in work through Level 3 and getting them safely back into the workplace.

Questions on HR issues?

Informative livestream replay from our Silver Partner, McKone Consultancy, as Tony McKone answers employers current questions. Topics covered include: good faith obligations during the lockdown, how to use the wage subsidy, leave issues, downsizing and the new minimum wage increase.

McKone Consultancy is operating during this time. For specific help with HR matters, you can call Tony McKone on 04 973 0977 or 027 698 2123, or email tony@mckoneconsultancy.com.
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