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COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains and created freight problems worldwide.

With New Zealand such a small fish in a huge worldwide market, Wellington and Napier are often simply omitted from sailings. Even worse, because Wellington happens to be one of the smaller ports, it tends to be the first one to miss out.
There are ways around these issues

We troubleshoot this problem by trying to get containers up to Tauranga either by rail or road to meet that same sailing that was planned for. We also work with multiple carriers in Wellington so if one isn’t able to arrange urgent delivery, we’ll ring the next one and so on and get it done. This type of solution might cost more, but with the alternative missing the scheduled sailing altogether, that is a far worse outcome.

Keeping our clients informed is key. When a vessel omits Wellington due to congestion at other ports, we will start looking for solutions immediately and keep our client in the loop every step of the way. We let our clients know immediately what’s happened and give options.

The freight industry is such a moving target, with the working environment changing on a weekly basis due to congestion issues worldwide as a result of COVID-19. We are constantly challenging ourselves, asking, “Is there a better or smarter way to do things?”

Is your business in need of a reliable export partner?

We do a lot of work with SMEs. We are currently growing our export market and have capacity for some new relationships. We like to work with like-minded businesses and we welcome new opportunities for people to reach out. Our customers are really important to us. We value long-term working relationships and finding tailormade solutions to meet our client’s freight needs.

Because we’re not a large multi-national, we can pivot quickly to meet the needs of our market and our clients. We pick our own agents overseas and we aren’t tied into any agency contracts. This means we can ensure we go to the market to secure the best possible rates and service. For example, in the USA, because we’re not tied to one agent and have to rely on them, this gives us far more flexibility. We check the rates for every shipment which means we can provide the most cost-effective and best solution to meet our client’s individual needs.

People often ask us if we see an end in sight to the current global freight problems

This is going to carry on for a while yet, not just because of the state of the ports of Auckland. This is a result of what’s happening around the world. It’s grim everywhere. We’ll be lucky if we see an end to this during 2021. It’s just too early to say what’s going to happen.

The silver lining is, there is always a way and we don’t take no for an answer, so if you are looking for a reliable partner, get in touch with us today and tell us what you need. We’re sure we can help.

360 Logistics

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