Introducing Silver Partner, McKone Consultancy

McKone Consultancy provides practical and pragmatic advice in the following employment relations areas …

Independent Employment Investigations

Have your staff raised allegations of harassment, bullying or serious wrongdoing? If so, you need to investigate the facts of the complaint fairly and reasonably.

McKone Consultancy assists employers in these matters by conducting an independent, unbiased, fact-finding investigation. McKone Consultancy can help you to make an informed decision and understand what actions you may need to take to address the allegations.

HR Support and Advice

McKone Consultancy assists employers with:

  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Developing and reviewing house rules
  • Developing and reviewing HR policy and guidelines
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Providing professional advocacy services in bargaining and mediation
Change Management

Is your business contemplating a restructure? Perhaps you are upsizing or downsizing your business? In these cases by law you need to follow a transparent, fair and reasonable process.

McKone Consultancy can provide advice and support in establishing and implementing your restructuring proposal, including:

  • Preparation of consultation documents
  • Coaching panels on interview and selection processes
  • Project management of your restructuring processes.
McCone Consultancy is all about the truth – the truth that needs to exist between a business and its people. Let us help you align your people and your business and achieve success in your workplace.

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