Adapting to a Covid World

Many business are facing challenges they haven't faced before due to the implications of COVID-19 and for this reason, in March 2020 the Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group was established

Introducing the Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group

If there was ever a time for local business to be supported and heard loudly, COVID-19 is it. Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group provides ongoing support and information to the business community to help them through the implications of COVID-19. This group consists of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Upper Hutt City Council and Hutt City Council.

The Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group continues to actively work closely with local and central government agencies to ensure Hutt Valley businesses are getting all the help and support they need, while being kept fully informed of all opportunities available for funding.

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The Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group is all about making sure Hutt Valley businesses are heard loud and clear, and receiving every bit of support possible.

As the threat of Covid became real in early March, the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Hutt City Council and the Upper Hutt City Council together formed the Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group. This group had one single aim: to support and help all Hutt Valley businesses navigate the impacts of Covid-19.

The team quickly set up and administered a Facebook group; ‘Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group’. Led by the team, local businesses came together online here to help each other, share information and to raise issues.

Almost daily livestreams took place featuring local, well-known and respected business people. They gave their time freely, providing reliable and up to date information in what had become a fast-changing new world. Livestreams covered numerous current topics, including the wage subsidy, mortgage holidays, commercial lease obligations, tax obligations, employer rights and many more.

The team behind the Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group met online every day, addressing numerous issues facing local business. They tirelessly advocated for these businesses, lobbying government departments and ministries to keep businesses operating and supported. They organised media coverage, facilitated expert advice, coordinated free government training and support funding, and made hundreds of proactive outbound phone calls to local businesses. They sent thousands of emails, phoned various government departments, conducted research and provided statistics to support local industry.

Their efforts were pivotal in keeping local manufacturers open, including one who designed and supplied 3,000 face visors urgently to the Hutt Valley DHB during Alert Level 4. The group advocated loudly for the Pet Services industry to reopen at Alert Level 3 – an extensive service across the Hutt Valley and a positive win for many local businesses and pet owners. They facilitated numerous media stories to profile local businesses in the Hutt Valley. They conducted two business surveys, with the results fed directly to ministers and government departments. This information, gained from almost 450 local businesses, was referenced by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

Throughout all the Covid-19 Alert Levels, the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce provided all their services free to every business across the valley.

The Hutt Valley Covid-19 Business Support Group continues to operate and support all local businesses with a focus on recovery.

Thank you to all Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Members and Partners for your ongoing financial support to enable us to be a strong voice for the entire Hutt Valley business community.
We couldn’t have done it without you.

If you would like to support our work on Covid-19 recovery, please join us.