Apprenticeship Support - Information for Employers

The new Government’s Apprenticeship Support Programme announced in June 2020 will fund new initiatives to help employers retain and bring on new apprentices.

1.  The Apprentice Boost Initiative

This is a $380.6 million broad-based wage subsidy for employers to help you keep existing apprentices and employ new ones. It will be available to employers in all industries who have formal apprenticeship schemes for at least 20 months.

Amounts will vary depending how far through an apprentice is in their training but if you have apprentices in a recognised New Zealand scheme you will get up to $12,000 per first year apprentice and $6,000 per second year apprentice. This initiative is being delivered by the Ministry for Social Development and is available from August 2020 for 20 months.  Find out more here.

2.  Funding for the existing Mana in Mahi programme

This help for employers to provide on-the-job support for employees, is being expanded by $30.3 million in new funding round. This will enable the programme to provide 24 months of support per participant (up from the current 12 months), and to provide an increased wage subsidy amount of up to $16,000 per first year participant, and up to $8,000 per second year participant.

Additional pastoral care and other support will also be provided on top of this wage subsidy amount. The programme is delivered by Work and Income and if you think you have an opportunity to support someone, visit Mana in Mahi.

3.  Group Training Schemes

The seven existing Group Training Schemes will be supported by a $19 million fund to ensure they remain viable following the Covid-19 lockdown. This will enable the schemes to continue to employ apprentices and trainees and provide related services to host businesses, where those businesses (mainly construction-related) are unable to support their apprentices.

This scheme is delivered by the Tertiary Education Commission.

As an employer you will be able to access support from one of the above support programmes (except the Group Training Schemes fund which is not available for individual employers) and this will depend on the type of apprentice or pre-apprentice trainee you employ. If you have laid off an apprentice, you can rehire that apprentice and then receive support from Apprentice Boost.

All employers who have an apprentice will be able to receive a base subsidy rate up to $12,000 per annum for first year apprentices and $6,000 per annum for second year apprentices through the Apprentice Boost Initiative. Mana in Mahi and some Regional Apprenticeships participants will get a higher subsidy to reflect the different level of need of individual apprentices (or pre-apprentice trainees) involved.

For more information visit Work and Income. If you are looking to fill an apprenticeship and would like to be introduced to potential young candidates, please contact our Education to Employment Coordinator, Hera Whaanga on 04 929 9821 or email


This is not an apprenticeship offering, but an additional means of funding for employers willing to recruit or retain a staff member who needs training. Flexi-wage offers a wage contribution and support while the employee gains the skills they need for the job. See more information here.