Manufacturing & Technology

The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce is sector lead for the manufacturing and technology sector for the greater Wellington region. We have been championing this industry area for many years.

Based on the resounding success of past events and the opportunities we have seen with COVID-19, we have developed a new Manufacturing and Technology Programme for 2021.

This programme will further raise the profile of the local sector, connect different manufacturers to enhance collaboration, share learnings, and help us all identify opportunities for the sector in our new COVID-19 economy. The Chamber sees this as a crucial element in our region’s short and long-term economic development.

The 2021 Programme will include:

  • A programme launch event
  • 3 BNZ Tech Series events
  • The Wellington Manufacturing and Technology Forum
  • 2 Manufacturing/technology-focused Business Safaris
  • A STEMM focused Careers Expo focused on STEMM industries
  • Monthly national profiling of the sector in the Manufacturing NZ magazine and online
Manufacturing & Tech Forum

In 2020, as part of our focus on economic recovery from COVID-19 we hosted an inaugural Manufacturing and Technology Forum, attended by over 100 local manufacturers and technology companies. This was held in conjunction with WellingtonNZ, and attended by the Minister of Finance.

NZ Manufacturer Magazine

We regularly contribute to NZ Manufacturer Magazine to advocate on behalf of the Hutt Valley’s strong manufacturing sector.

Local Business Safaris

We introduced local ‘Business Safaris’, with personal bus tours of small groups of business people to local manufacturing and technology companies. We ran a private event for Hutt City Councillors along with a host of public events during the Wellington Business Expo 2020.

BNZ Tech Series

We host several Tech After Five events in conjunction with our Platinum Partner, BNZ. During the 2020 lockdown we conducted many Livestream Broadcasts relevant to the COVID-19 environment; two of these were in partnership with BNZ.

DEMM Magazine

We regularly contribute to DEMM Magazine to advocate on behalf of the Hutt Valley’s strong manufacturing sector.

Keeping Manufacturing in the News

We actively advocated for the Hutt Valley manufacturing sector during the COVID-19 lockdown, to help keep essential services open. We continue to make a loud noise on behalf of our manufacturing sector to ensure the needs of business are heard.

Our Manufacturing and Technology programme will continue to support and promote the very strong manufacturing base we have across the Hutt Valley and the wider Wellington Region.

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