Career Expos, Talks & Mentoring

Career expos are a great way for students to find out more about different career pathways and Industries.

Talking with students can give them an awareness of your business, your role and how they can enter your industry. Your informal chat with a young person could raise their aspirations and help them to make better, informed decisions about their future career paths.

To ensure a career expo is successful for both employers and students, we recommend that businesses attending have an activity/activities that encourage students to ask questions and help them more easily engage.

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We are working with local colleges to support them with careers fairs during 2024. We would love to hear from you if you would like to attend any of these events.
Contact Hera Whaanga any time for further information, on 04 939 9821 or

If you are interested in talking with students, but cannot attend a career expo, schools are happy to host employers within their classes and assemblies. This could be a great starting point if you haven’t engaged with students before, but are keen to help educate them about your work. A short presentation or informal talk with an employer at their school could lead a student into a career pathway they hadn’t considered before.