Apprenticeships combine hands-on work with theory training to help a worker become skilled in a particular trade.

An apprenticeship is an excellent way for you to gain qualifications, while learning on the job and earning a wage. An apprenticeship will provide you with the first step in a chosen career path, along with the opportunity to develop and progress to higher levels.

Theory training can be classroom based, within a workshop, at a workplace, or through self-directed learning. This will depend on on the Industry Training Organisation you have enrolled with.

An Industry Training Organisation (ITO) is part of New Zealand’s tertiary education sector. They work with people who are learning a trade or skill, via an apprenticeship. See a list of ITOs here.

Information on Training Wage

As an apprentice, depending on your age, you may be paid the training wage/starting out wage whilst you are learning.

The training/starting out wage is paid to any employee who is studying at least 40 credits a year on an industry training programme. You still have the same rights and protections under employment laws as any other employee. More information here.

When you have an apprenticeship, you are employed directly by an employer or a managed apprenticeship organisation. At the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce we often have employers keen to have Year 12 or 13 students for work experience and in some cases this can lead to apprenticeship opportunities. Get in touch with us if you want more information.

Are you a Year 12 or 13 student looking for help to begin a career pathway? Contact Amanda Walters for a chat on 04 939 9821 or email