This newly designed course targets how to create business documents in the modern workplace, which takes into account the many forms that modern communication can take, and teaches participants how to best align their message with the appropriate documentation and device.

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      Writing proper business-related documents in today's workplace requires a solid understanding of the fundamentals behind how specific documents should be approached, designed and edited.  Written communications in the workplace should be concise, yet thorough and well laid out. 


      Technology enabled communications should also be well thought out and designed to get the correct message across, while avoiding any potential misinterpretation


      Course Content:


      Lesson 1: From Texting to Boardroom Paper

      Everyone is a business writer

      Universal Principles of Good Writing

      Forms and Formats

      Common Forms of Business Writing

      The Principle of ‘Purpose’



      Lesson 2: Who am I writing for?

      The Principle of ‘Audience’

      LDP Review – communication preferences

      Understanding the Audience

      Writing for a Global Audience



      Lesson 3: The Blank Page

      The Principle of ‘Structure’

      The Writing Process






      Lesson 4: English Still Matters

      Texting – a legitimate form of language

      Write it Once. Make it Count

      English Fundamentals

      The ‘plain’ Truth

      The Principle of ‘Clarity’



      Lesson 5: Writing with Constraints

      The Space-Time Continuum

      The Principle of ‘Concision’

      Word Choice



      Lesson 6: Click with Confidence

      Wait! The Pressure to Hit ‘Send’

      Edit, Edit, Edit

      The Principle of ‘Proofing’




      Lesson 7: Reflections

      Create an Action Plan



      Commonly Confused Words


      Email Etiquette

      Using MS Word Readability Score

      Structuring a Business Report

      Add Your Own Writing Tips



      Additional information

      In this course participants will:

      Understand Basic Writing Principles

      Know Common Forms of Business Communication

      Review Personality Types When Communicating

      Identify and Understand Your Audience

      Understand the Writing Process

      Review English Language Fundamentals

      How to Write With Clarity

      Write Within Workplace Constraints

      Choose Most Effective Wording

      Use Effective Editing and Proofreading

      Create Useful References and Appendices

      Understand Email Etiquette

      Effective Report Writing

      Create an Action Plan

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      When:  Monday 16th December, 2019, 9am-12noon
      Where:  Level 3, 15 Daly Street, Lower Hutt
      Fee:  $395 +GST  (usually $695 +GST)
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