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Businesses are opening up again.  The focus is on safety, cashflow and bringing customers back.  It feels like “going back to work” but actually it’s a new type of work.  New processes slow things down, supplies will be hard to get, it takes longer to get the same things done and you have fewer customers.  If your business made a 10% net margin last year and your operations are now 20% less efficient then you are losing money when you start up again. To fix that you need new ways of working that increase revenue, decrease costs or both. That means you need innovation to survive and you need more innovation to recover then thrive as the economy eventually lifts again.  Innovation isn’t just something for hipsters with Macbooks.  It is something you can do yourself to take control, create happy customers and be profitable. Finding out how will cost you nothing.


Here is a short overview, by the presenters, of these related sessions in this series:


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  • Seminar 1, 12pm Wednesday 20 May
  • Seminar 2, 12pm Thursday 4 June
  • Seminar 3, 12pm Thursday 11 June


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Date:  12pm  Wednesday 27 May – 15 minute micro seminar
Where:  Zoom video conference
Fee:  Free
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