Gibson Sheat Political Series David Seymour, Party Leader of ACT New Zealand

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As part of the Gibson Sheat Political Series The Hutt Valley Chamber is hosting ACT  Party Leader, David Seymour to talk to our business community about how ACT Party plan to support businesses.

 David Seymour Member for Epsom and Party Leader ACT, spokesperson for Covid 19 response and Finance

David graduated from University of Auckland in electrical engineering and philosophy, after which he spent time ion Canada as a policy analyst for a Think tank. After a number of years in Canada he returned to NZ and was first elected in 2014

 David believes:

Government should be there to help in the hardest of times, but it should not breed dependence or try to impose some people’s vision of the good life on others

When the government taxes and funds services, such as education, it should give people a choice of provider

On social issues, people should be able to live (and die) as they please so long as they are not harming anyone else.

David will talk to areas that our business community have identified as barriers to improving their confidence. These include:

  • Covid-19 and labour shortages remain the two biggest impediments to improving confidence.
  • Current international trade environment and supply of raw products are starting to affect their businesses significantly.
  • The uncertainty around the impact of current Government policies has remained high for the business community across the Hutt Valley.
  • Border access and incoming skills to NZ
  • General uncertainty and lack of confidence in the quality and lack of urgency of Government decision making

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WHEN: Wednesday 8th June, 07.30-09.30am 

WHERE: Boulcott's Farm Heritage Golf Club 

COST: Members $45 + GST

Members hosted table (8Pax) $360+ GST

Non Members $55.00 + GST


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