How to Slash Overheads, Grow Average Order Value, Profits, and Improve Productivity

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The Amazing Story of The Blind Septuagenarin Marathon Runner and What It Can Teach You About How To Slash Overheads, Grow Average Productivity and Reduce Customer Churn For Zero Dollars Out of Pocket. 

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This business breakthrough event tackles the biggest issues facing owners, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, consultants, and coaches. 

Namely, how to drive down expenses & overheads, grow revenue & market share, increase average order value & productivity.

This training was devised in the tough, cut throat markets of California USA & has never been publicly aired in New Zealand before.

We are offering a rock solid 10 x your investment guarantee. So, if at the end of the 3rd session you cannot see an absolute minimum of 10 x your investment we absolutely insist that you demand a full refund.

In addition we are offering valuable bonuses that will help you move the financial dials in your business.

But first, who is this best for?

  1. You need to actually have a business & be generating revenues. We're not good with start ups.
  2. You must be willing to do things differently. Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing & expecting different results.
  3. You must be prepared to take action & implement everything you will learn over the next 12-18 months. This can of course be delegated.

We have split the seminar into 3 sessions so that you can still take care of your business.

In session 1 which is 2 hours, we are going to show you how to create ARR & MRR & why doing this is important for increasing revenue & enterprise value.

We will analyse your current sales channels & funnels so you can see where they can be optimised.

One of your bonuses is our 8 week business accelerator programme which is scientifically designed to plug the gaps in your current sales & marketing systems. This works for retail, professional services, e-commerce & information businesses.

We are going to analyse profitability of your products & services based on avatar, price, geography & a whole lot more.

You are going to create value ladders so you can target the whole of your market as well as increase your average order value.

In session 2 which is 1 hour, you're going to turn expenses into profits using our proprietary method, identify bolt on & bolt in opportunities. Expand your market reach & size so you can sell to more people.

You'll also look at various ways you can retain customers & reduce customer churn.

In session 3 you will learn how to create SOPs for sales & marketing & how to tie it all into your business metrics.

You will also discover how you can grow using acquisitions of other businesses or business assets. We will show you how we did this in California.

Together we are going to examine the other sales opportunities that are all around you but probably can't see because you're so busy keeping your business running.

Finally, we are going to rank & prioritise everything you analysed & worked on, so that you leave with an action plan to implement over the next 12-18 months.

Best of all, most of what you learn can be implemented with zero dollars out of pocket.

We're so confident what we deliver will create 10 x your investment, we are offering an unconditional no quibble, full refund guarantee.

This means there is absolutely no risk to you.

Your bonuses

Bonus 1: A free web copy analysis with David Frank. David is one of the best copy writers I know & he has kindly agreed to offer this as a bonus for you. You will have to approach him to access this bonus.
Bonus 2: You will get my transforming marketing 101 training complete with all the worksheets. We sell this on our website for $999. We are the only people in the country with this system.
Bonus 3: Frank Kern's famous IBB content creation system. This is how you deliver results in advance so you are known, liked, trusted & get picked to do business with.
Bonus 4: The content multiplier system. Repurpose content into multiple unique pieces in multiple media formats.
Bonus 5: The 8 week business accelerator programme.

Places are strictly limited.

Workbook/s included

Event Information

WHEN | Session 1: 23 August 2023, Session 2: 30 August 2023, Session 3: 5 September 

TIME | Session 1: 9am - 11am, Session 2: 9am - 10am, Session 3: 9am - 10am

WHERE | Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 15 Daly Street, Lower Hutt

COST | $200.00 + GST