NETWORK HR is a vibrant new consultancy dedicated to providing you with practical HR solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business.

Our expertise, innovation and agility, enables us to offer you various levels of support from casual ad hoc use through to an onsite advisor. We focus on three key areas:

Hire - recruiting the right people is the first step in ensuring the success of your business, we help you develop the best strategies to ensure that you are hiring the best, not the right now.

Train - training is essential when looking at developing a skilled workforce, skilled people working together are proven to have greater impact on your business. We offer a wide range of practical workshops covering key areas of HR including performance management, managing employees, building successful teams, work styles, culture and values

Engage - employee engagement is more than just sending out a yearly survey, we can help you identify your employee's motivators, their aspirations and develop sound business practices and policies that will increase their engagement.

We believe that if you:

- Recruit the right people
- Give them clear objectives
- Train and support them
- Understand their motivators

Then things will take care of themselves.

Network HR can also help you through those sticky situations.
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