5 Things That Stop You Selling More

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It's hightime we ditch the outdated sales techniques of yesteryear. The world has evolved, and what might have sealed the deal 40 years ago simply won't fly today. Uncover and discuss five game-changing concepts that have replaced antiquated ideas with David Knight. 

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David Knight | HearSayDo

Sales is not what most people think it is. 

It is not 'closing the deal', 'getting the order', or 'persuading the customer to buy something'. As a Gen X'er I was lucky to be in the last cohort of salespeople to be trained in some of the best sales processes available. 

Now I'm bringing what I've learned, and I'm helping others to improve their sales effectiveness. 

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WHEN | Tuesday, 7 May 2024
TIME | 12:00pm - 1:00pm 
WHERE | Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 15 Daly Street, Lower Hutt 
COST | Complimentary

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