A Selection of our Livestreams

Building and Developing Skills for your Workforce

Carol Spiers from One Day Training shares tips and hints in this livestream replay.

Chamber member, Carol Spiers covers the art and science of developing skills so that your workforce can be prepared for new challenges post-covid. This livestream took place on 10 June 2020.

Tips on Improving Sales in a Tough Environment

Kat Soper from The Helpful Academy is helping local businesses increase their sales opportunities by understanding the sales process and the customer journey.

Chamber member Kat Soper covers how to increase sales in a post-Covid economy. If you like this replay, visit her website for free resources and free courses. This livestream took place on 9 June 2020.

Business Recovery

An Update from Hutt South MP, Chris Bishop

Our CEO Helen Down talks with Chris Bishop about what he’s seeing in the local business community. Chris shares an update with us on recovery and shovel ready projects – and tells us the story behind that mullet.

Get Your Business Seen Part II

James Lamb, City Promotions Manager at Hutt City Council, shares tips on low cost and free ways you can make your business visible to your customers.

Get your message out there, be visible to your customers and make sure a customer can find you when they’re looking for things to buy or services they need. This livestream took place on 13 May.

Email James and the team at info@huttvalleynz.com or tag them at Twitter: @thehutt; Instagram: @huttvalleynz; Facebook: Hutt Valley NZ.

All About Packaging

Sustainable And Safe Food And General Packaging Options Available In NZ, From Our Panel Of Local Experts

Our panel of experts cover food and general packaging options and solutions to operating within Covid guidelines for delivery and contactless service. This livestream featurs: Tony Ayres from Ayrpak – food packaging specialist; Millie Porter, Waste Minimisation Officer from Upper Hutt City Council, covering sustainable packaging; and Cameron Tooley from Packaging Products, who will talk about solutions for other packaging options.

This livestream took place on 7 May.

Ayrpak can be reached on 0800 465 666, or info@ayrpak.co.nz. Packaging Products can be reached on 0508 334 466 or email sales@packprod.co.nz.

The Lockdown Basics For Online Retailing And Digital Marketing

Getting started if you’ve just moved into the digital marketing space

Social media, websites, SEO – learn how it all fits together to communicate with your customers online. Get tips on how to respond to changes in buying behaviour due to Covid-19 and how to make the best gains for your business.

This livestream took place on 6 May.

You can contact Richard from Synthesis Marketing on richards@synthesis.co.nz or call 04 528 6214.

Keeping Workplaces Sterile from Covid-19

Helpful information on how to eliminate Covid-19 from workplaces
Ross Craig from Fabricare Floorcare shares the latest information and advice on how to effectively keep workplaces sterile from Covid-19. Ross shares information on suitable cleaning agents, the latest information and best practices on cleaning to protect against Covid-19 and what to look for in a commercial cleaning company.
This livestream was presented on 23 April.

Fabricare Floorcare is operating at this time and available for help and advice. You can call the team on 04 565 0390 or find out more about them at www.floorcare.co.nz.

Key takeouts from Ross’s livestream:
  • Do your homework
    • Buy local – why send company profit to Australia or UK?
    • Don’t fall for offers from opportunists
  • Do look at what your cleaning frequency should be
  • Choose an accredited professional
  • Consider getting a Decontamination Certificate to help reassure clients and staff
  • Read wider than just the official NZ Government Covid site, e.g.:

Questions on Kiwisaver?

Hear about all the many options available to you, from conservative funds to early withdrawal.

Hayley Robertson from Taimana Wealth gives a helpful overview on Kiwisaver and what your options are during Covid-19 and afterwards.

This livestream took place on 15 April.

Taimana Wealth is operating during this time and can be reached on 04 939 6601 or enquiries@taimanawealth.co.nz.

Your Online Message

Quick tips to check you are presenting your business in the best way possible way during Alert Level 4 and beyond.

Is your business open or on pause right now? Perhaps it’s somewhere in between? It’s easy to assume people automatically know what your business is up to right now, but is this clear to your online audience?

Where does your business stand at Alert Level 4? What about when we move into Alert Level 3? What goods and services are you able to provide?

Jo Jensen from Strictly Savvy encourages you to look at your online messaging from the outside in so that you are positioning your business in the best way possible, both during lockdown and as we emerge out of Level 4. Jo shares simple and practical tips with you that you can implement straight away to keep your customers interested and informed.

Strictly Savvy is operating during this time. For help or advice with your business online messaging, contact the team on assist@strictlysavvy.co.nz or 04 934 5668.