Connecting the Valley

This year we will see an increased number of events based in Upper Hutt, delivered in conjunction with our Partners and Members. This is part of our commitment to strengthen cross-Valley engagement and collaboration between businesses in Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt cities.

We are actively expanding our processes and communications around connecting people across the valley, within industry sectors and with other stakeholders.

We will develop further community partnerships and collaborations including many new connections to help deliver programmes for the business community and to help the business community support the wider Hutt Valley area.

In 2020, as part of our Wellington Region Business Expo, we held a series of ‘Business Safaris’ across Wellington, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt. Guests of the Upper Hutt Business Safari, sponsored by Gillies Group, received a personal tour of NZCIS, the new Wallaceville Estate housing development, Lane Street Film Studios and Brewtown. More of these are planned for 2021.

With so much infrastructure investment happening across the region, there are many new opportunities for businesses emerging right here in our own back yard. The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce is extremely proud to advocate and support businesses up and down the entire valley.

Our focus of our engagement will reach across the entire business community up, down and across the whole of the Hutt Valley, to bring the different locations closer together with more collaboration and cross-Valley engagement. As a combined business community, we have a louder voice and so much more to offer.

Our Connecting the Hutt Valley Programme will also include the introduction of a “Welcome to the Hutt Valley” initiative for new businesses arriving in the Hutt Valley. More on this to come.

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