The RiverLink project is driving improvements to river health, flood protection, amenities and transport connections in Lower Hutt

“The Hutt Valley Chamber is very pleased to partner with RiverLink to help promote and support this project. Our own building is at the centre of this development which will transform the Lower Hutt CBD to face the river. In the longer term, RiverLink will have a huge positive impact on the Lower Hutt CBD, encouraging growth and investment in the area.”

RiverLink is a transformative project for Lower Hutt, with a total budget of nearly $460 million. Its aim is to revitalise Te Awa Kairangi | Hutt River for a more resilient, more connected and more vibrant Hutt City.

The main themes of the project are:


  • A healthy river
  • Nature and play at the river
  • Getting to the river
  • Getting around the river
  • Being a river city.

The project incorporates transport improvements, including a new Melling Interchange and River Bridge, as well as walking, cycling and public transport links.

Disclaimer: The built riverside developments depicted in this video are an artist’s impression only. The final design of this urban edge of the river is the subject of further studies and future public engagement.

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